Hello! Do you speak Code?

A short story about my coding journey

I studied linguistics at the university but my degree lost its usefulness when I became a trailing spouse. I couldn't get a job in all those foreign countries since I only spoke my native language and English fluently. And I didn't have time to master the local languages because we moved frequently. It was a tough cycle but at the end of 2021, we finally arrived in Finland where my husband got a more permanent job.

I started learning web development in 2018. I had time to learn new things, and advertisers showed me a lot of "learn to code" courses. At first, I was just curious and didn't take it seriously. I signed up for Treehouse and freeCodeCamp, and slowly but surely went through some of their courses. After a while, I realized that coding is very interesting. I like creating new things (that's why I love drawing too) and I'm very organized. Coding is also the closest for me to becoming a librarian (my childhood dream): interacting with APIs is kind of like handling books in a library.

But you can't get a job without proper education, language knowledge and former experience, right? So I set up a simple (but not easy) priority list: 1) learn Finnish, 2) join a web developer bootcamp or something similar, and 3) apply for jobs. Let's see how this plan will work out!

I will try updating this blog with the details of my coding journey. I would also like to include interesting resources, new things I learnt and problems I ran into (maybe the solution as well!). If you're interested, then welcome and nice to have you here!